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Kina Crow Kina Crow

I wonder all the time, do you?

A charming and witty 62 full color page book hardbound in linen about the magic of being human.  Written and Illustrated by me, Kina Crow.

I can’t seem to think of anything more amazing than being human and being aware of my own existence.  It seems like magic to me.  And what is even more wonderful is that there are so many of us here all having different experiences, and yet, at our core, we are all t he same.  Little bits of consciousness looking out into this incredible place called life.


This beautiful book is a collection of some of the things that my little life has caused me to wonder. Things that confound, delight, vex and humble me.  It is illustrated with photographs of my wee clay people, staged in miniature sets that took me over 3 years to lovingly create and capture.


Please note that although this looks like a children’s book, there are a couple of naughty words in it (nothing dreadfully profane, but I’d give it a PG 13 rating)

A 12” x 10” , signed copy of  “I Wonder” my  very first book will ship directly from my studio in Pittsburgh, PA  for $70.  Free shipping included within the United States.

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